Relevant, visual, linked.

SciCurve transforms the old indexed-search based method of systematic literature review into interactive and comprehensible environment. It allows you to study your subject in great detail, while still having the ability to look at the bigger picture. Explore new scientific trends. Watch the rise of emerging paradigms. Target the most relevant and productive authors in your field and the journals keenest on publishing your type of research.

Frustration and distraction free.

Every scientist must conduct a systematic literature search. SciCurve offers you the new way of searching for your literature. Be visual! Observe thematic relationships between publications and authors! Compare and explore! Be effective and pick the most relevant papers with SciCurve. No more endless search-lists of publications, their references, and citations.


Explore Research Networks.

By plotting your paradigm on network graphs, SciCurve allows you to identify thematically similar clusters of publications that connect or overreach number of sub-fields of research.

You will be finally able to observe frequently cited publications within visualized sub-fields with higher density and their mutual relationships.

Who Drives the Scientific Endeavour?

For the first time, you will be able to see your domain defined by publishing collaboration of domain-relevant authors.

SciCurve allows you to see which authors are currently pushing the scientific progress in your field the most. Find out what journals publish your type of research with highest frequency. Get inspired by suggestions of keywords most frequently published with the ones relevant to your research.

SciCurve brings great value to:

R&D enterprises.

For R&D divisions of pharmaceutical companies it is essential to follow scientific and methodological trends from an early stage. Companies, use SciCurve to hold their research and product development up to date, and thus, to deliver radical innovations straight from research labs to the market.

Academic Researchers and Institutions.

With SciCurve, academic research community is able to see trends in publications, narrowing their alternatives for paper submissions only to thematically most relevant journals. SciCurve helps students and researchers evaluate their position in the global scientific community and advance by learning more about their scientific domain and by focusing on currently most promising research topics.


SciCurve is an ideal learning tool for lecturers, teaching students about basic principles of scientific discovery and research methodology. By looking at science via keyword-driven networks, students will take the bigger picture into account, while learning about epistemology and principles of systematic knowledge generation and collection. Learning to interpret charts is an essential skill for students, required to use critical thinking. SciCurve is especially helpful for systematic literature reviews and meta-analysis.

Healthcare professionals.

Application of recently acquired scientific knowledge is everything. Medical, dental, optometry professionals should stay well-informed about current scientific advances and innovative techniques emerging in their fields. SciCurve gives them an intuitive tool for performing quick and detailed systematic reviews, based on relevant keywords.

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